Defining the 任务 Statement

The mission statement of the department or unit defines, 一到两段, 它的目标, values and aspirations as related to the university vision and 战略目标. It should also indicate the most important functions of the department/unit.


Objectives are statements of ways in which a unit aims to achieve its mission, 流程应该如何工作, and what their optimal result should be. Objectives should be measurable and attainable.

As a general best practice rule, whenever the unit is responsible for producing specific KPIs, 可交付成果, or milestones to measure specific Core Initiatives of the 战略计划 Dashboard, 单位应该定义与那些核心计划直接一致的目标,并使用相同的kpi, 可交付成果, or milestones to measure progress toward their objective.


Learning outcomes are statements of the knowledge, 每个学生应具备的技能和能力,并能在完成一次学习经验或一系列学习经验后展示出来. 它们应该是可测量的, attainable within the context of the learning unit (program, 课程, specific activity) and should contribute to the mission of the department.

You should develop 3-5 learning outcomes for your program. MSCHE在学生学习评估手册的第2章提供指南:选项和资源(第2版), 2007).  An alternative guide to developing learning outcomes is provided by the National Institute for Learning Outcomes 评估. NILOA有几个太阳集团官网起草学习成果的容易使用的资源,而且相当多的是为初学者准备的. 他们的 网站 includes a “how to” section for drafting Learning outcomes.

评估 Methodologies for Learning Outcomes

Describe how a learning outcome has been (or will be) assessed. The emphasis is on producing 直接的证据 such as student artifacts, research papers, responses to tests.


  • Scoring of a certain test or presentation using a rubric:
  • Portfolios of student work evaluated with a rubric:
  • 在本地设计的多项选择和/或论文测试(如重点课程的期末考试)中的成绩, 资格考试, and comprehensive examinations, accompanied by test “blueprints” describing what the tests assess

间接证据,例如学生对他们的学习和教育环境的看法,也可以使用. 间接证据的例子(摘自MSCHE网站推荐的学生学习评估方法列表:

  • Student satisfaction, 太阳集团平台, and employer surveys
  • 课程成绩
  • Assignment grades, if not accompanied by a rubric or scoring guide



系主任可以访问显示学生人数相关学术指标的仪表盘, 类, 教师, 等.

  • Personal dashboards (accessible to individuals only) collecting information about people’s activities over time; 教师 members, 例如, may see the 课程s they have taught, the papers they have published, the committees they have served on, the students they have advised, the grades they have given as against institutional averages, the evaluation of their 课程s, 等.
  • 学术部门的仪表盘收集了该部门学生和教授的综合信息, 以及, 例如, 太阳集团官网课程和成绩.
  • Administrative units’ dashboards collecting information relevant to the specific unit; 例如, the dashboard of the Internship Office may contain information about students, 雇主, 和实习.
  • 领导团队仪表板,包含太阳集团官网大学活动的all方面的汇总信息, 流程, 和利益相关者.
  • 机构仪表板,包含领导团队仪表板中可用的信息的选择,每个人都可以访问.

The creation of still other dashboards will also be considered, 以便向学生提供有关资料(包括个人资料、各类社团资料及学生管治团体资料), 父母, prospective students and their 父母, 以及校董会.

Submitted assessment reports